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Join us May 28 for Jr. B, Jr. A, Jr. Late Model, Mini Truck and Legends action starting at 7:00 pm

Driver Name: Chase Pinsonneault

Age: 9

Grade: 4

Home Town: Belle River, Ontario

Division: Jr. A (2016)

Years Competing:

The 2016 season will be my 4th full time season.

2016 Goals:

Win Rookie of the Year and beat Little Chase

Why did you choose your number:

My sister was 3 years old when my Dad asked me to pick a number for my kart so that's where I came up with the number.

Who or what influence was involved in you entering racing:

My Dad and Pepe have always been around racing so they helped me get started to see if I would like it and I really love it.

Where do you or have you competed: Grand Bend Speedway

Best memory in racing:

Getting into a wreck at the beginning of my first season in 2013. My left side door panel got bent up pretty bad and I took it off the kart to show everyone in the grandstands after the race was over.

Favourite Song:

Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Favorite person(s) to compete with:

Little Chase and Ethan

Other sports or talents you are involved in:

Fishing and Minecraft

What kind of race car do you want to drive:

Super Late Models as soon as I'm old enough to drive one and hopefully NASCAR someday.

Something you are proud of:

Racing other drivers hard but clean, just the way I like to be raced.

What question would you like to ask in our next interview:

Who is your favorite NASCAR driver of all time?

Driver Name: Ray Janisse Jr

Age: 14

Grade or employment field: 8

Hometown: Windsor Ont

Division: Legend cars

Years Competing: 6

2016 Goals: To try and win more feature races and the championship

Why did you choose your number: I chose my number because it was Kevin Harvick's old racecar number and my grandpa liked him as a driver so he put that number on my first racecar and it stuck.

Who or what influence was involved in you entering racing: My dad brought me to F.O.G speedway when I was 8 and a week later my grandpa and him bought me my first dirt kart and won my very first race the very first time i was in the car.

Where do you or have you competed: I have raced at F.O.G speedway, 5150 speedway, Owosso Motorsports Park (Owosso kart speedway), Grand Bend speedway, and Sunset speedway.

Best memory in racing: Was in dirt racing where it was real dry I was leading fell of the track and cause a caution and ended up at the back and when the green flag dropped I was in first again before turn 4.

Favorite Song: Fade to Black (Metallica)

Favorite person(s) to compete with: all of the people I raced in the past and who I race now.

Other sports or talents you are involved in: Football and Badminton.

Sponsors and people you would like to thank:

Enterprise Mold, Double R Reworks, Global Roofing, Southwestern Manufacturing, Highland Tools, Steve Auto Services, Grandpa, J&B Auto Recyclers, St. Denis Machining, Mom and Dad, Randy and Ray Morneau, Dan Monahan, Uncle Scott, Frank Giroux.

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