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Video complements of Nic Ramsay
Our legends division was apart of the
Sunset Speedway Invitational on July 12.
With a field of 20 cars our own Josh Indig won!
Josh indig #5 won
Brandon Thurlby #2 finished third
Little Ray #98 finished 11th
#52 finished 12th
Thank you all
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Grand Bend Speedway is the home to many young up and coming
stars of tomorrow that will continue to grow and develop into
Ontario’s drivers.
This week we asked Chase Pinsonneault a few questions,
see what makes this young mans wheels turn!
We will continue our interviews weekly, please send us your
E-mail address
Chase Pinsonneault  3
Chase Jackson Cameron  #4
The Hurricane Midgets will not be racing at Grand Bend Speedway this week.
The pits open at 4:00 and racing begins at 7:00!
ray janisse